Quinoa for Breakfast

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Quinoa with currants.
Quinoa with currants

Have you ever eaten quinoa for breakfast?

I like to eat oatmeal for breakfast, but sometimes I substitute that grain with quinoa.

Quinoa with currants, brown sugar, chopped walnuts, and cinnamon
Quinoa with currants, brown sugar, chopped walnuts, and cinnamon.


I'm trying to vary my diet and eat different things to make sure my body gets an optimal amount of nutrients. Each food has its own nutrient profile so it's good to eat many different foods.

Nutrition profile of quinoa.
Nutrition profile of quinoa.

When I eat oatmeal, I add milk to get extra protein. Because quinoa is high in protein, I skip the step of adding milk to it, giving my body a break from having to digest dairy. I eat 2 servings of quinoa with breakfast, which gives me 12g of protein. I also add a handful of walnuts, which adds some fat and additional protein. So there is no need to add milk. This breakfast is dairy-free and gluten-free.

I read that quinoa is a relative of spinach and like spinach, the leaves (or greens) are edible. The seeds are a complete protein.

The scientific name of quinoa is Chenopodium quinoa. Using this name, you can find scientific studies on this food.

Great nutrition including phytohormones (plant hormones): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20814881

These plant hormones could induce cancer cell death in humans: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phytohormone#Potential_medical_applications

Quinoa helps protect against oxidative damage from high fructose diets. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20354792

Ordering Quinoa

I have bought quinoa from my local grocery store and most recently from an online order.

Box of quinoa.
Box of quinoa.

I wish I could buy this stuff in bulk. Even when I bought a case online, it came in these tiny boxes that are not even a pound in weight... just 12 ounces. My order of quinoa came from Quinoa Corp Wholesale Store: Quinoa.net.  Here is the invoice:
1 x 12/12 oz Traditional Quinoa = $43.00
1 x 1 lb bag Limited Edition Black Quinoa = $5.00 ------------------------------------------------------
Sub-Total: $48.00
United Parcel Service (1 x 12lbs) (Ground) PLUS Handling: $18.76
Total: $66.76 for 12 pounds of quinoa

Cost of Quinoa

To have it shipped to my house, saving me the time and expense of going to the store, it cost:

$5.56 per pound
Remember, that includes shipping and saves me gas money, wear and tear on my vehicle, time, risk of traffic accidents, etc.  Still, I admit its more expensive than other grains, like rice.  This might be a good choice of grain to grow in the garden.

Country of Origin


The stuff I bought was grown in Bolivia. I think it would be fun to try growing this stuff at home.

Other Grains from the Andes to Try

kiwicha (Amaranthus caudatus) and ka˝iwa (Chenopodium pallidicaule) seeds are good sources of minerals (calcium and iron) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20582934


It appears that quinoa is a very nutritious grain.  I will continue using it as part of my diet.

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